45 Ridiculous Mini Van Camping Ideas

32 Ridiculous Mini Van Camping Ideas

Camping is one way to contact nature with family members and friends, and relax. If you’re interested in camping, you ought to be conscious of the fact there are wide types of tents out there for camping in various altitudes. There are additionally some tents which are available with vent covers, and for that reason can prove to be quite handy especially during any storm.

It was important to us to make a comfy, functional camper, but not make any permanent modifications to the van. We also wanted to keep the back-row bench seats so we can legally seat more people. We didn’t want to create heavy storage units or bed platforms, since those affect fuel efficiency.

There is some awesome ideas on our 45 Ridiculous Mini Van Camping Ideas. Something that we can afford are here. So just scroll down and browse them!

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